Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photohunt: orange, carrot

Mt Ruapehu and her beauty.
When I first got married, we rented a quant little house from a retired architect. Mr. M was a lovely old man. When he came round to collect the rent, he came with a few blossoms of camelia. Once, he bought a giant carrot to show me. When I say giant, I mean giant. This post is in memory of him. Later, he was too old to manage the house, and he offered to sell it to us. But the water engineer was a student then, and we couldn't afford it. Had we bought it, we would be very comfortable. The house is in Kingsland which is now a yuppy place. My husband used to joke we lived in an area where the King lives.

Ohakune is the town at the southern gateway to the Tongariro National Park World Heritage Site. It is known as the aprés ski capital of the North Island, the Carrot Capital of New Zealand. It’s a great location and aptly lends itself to the phrase “where adventures begin”.
Skiers and boarders flock to Ohakune to take in what the largest ski area in New Zealand has to offer, then enjoy Ohakune’s varied entertainment, restaurants and cafes.
In summer Ohakune is a fantastic base for visitors wanting to experience the many outdoor activities whether it is canoeing on the Whanganui River or taking in some of the many mountain treks on Mt Ruapehu and in the national parks.
Everyone who goes to Okahune never fails to see the 10 metres high carrot. Ohakune and the surrounding area are the epicentre of New Zealand’s carrot-growing district. They even hold an annual carrot festival.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I'm loving the giant carrot! I wonder why it hasn't fallen over, it looks like not much of a base on the bottom! The mountain is truly something!! Is that snow on the top, or a shadow on the bottom?

The JR said...

Beautiful place. Luv the carrot.

Have a great weekend.

Noel Morata said...

aloha ann,

wow, i don't know why i've never seen this other blog, i love it and your commentary. your orange themed story is fantastic!