Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Revisiting Foodsale Charity

 Korean Sweet Potato noodles

Chinese green pea  aka Tang Hoon Noodles.

When I was living in Singapore as a faculty wife, a few like minded friends started a charity for the Deaf in Kenya. For 4 times a year, we have a big cook out, and invite other faculty wives to come and buy our food.

I did a lot of marketing and public relations for this. One day, two Korean friends came and donated their beef noodles. I was busy and didn't price the food, and it was mistakenly priced as the cheap Chinese Tanghoon. which was about a fifth of the Korean noodles. The noodles were quickly snapped up. I apologized to my two Korean friends.

I saw this made in China Korean Noodles, and I remember my two friends.

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