Sunday, January 24, 2016

dog stories

This is one lucky dog, when it's owner goes traveling, she has a friend come to stay in her house and take care of her. The friend takes her everywhere and best of all to the beach, the friend's dad plays with her in the water, both getting very wet.
Back in the days where there was no internet, 1973 to be precise. Perhaps someone now could recognise this story. A dog followed my sister home in Queensway in Sibu. We lived off Queensway near Dr Wong Soon Kai's house. We fed the dog for more than 3 months. It ate our food with our dogs, but it always followed my mum's car to Queensway and then it came back again. One day, my sis and I cycled to town, somewhere near Methodist School, a blue car stopped and the dog dashed to the car. The occupants looked at us as though we stole the dog. If any one in the car, remembered this incident, we never stole the dog. We fed it well.

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Ellenhopes said...

In our state dogs are so wanted. So many people wait months to get a dog from a shelter. We couldn't get a dog from a shelter due to having a baby. Our state actually ship some dogs are shipped from the southern states.