Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Road side flowers.

When my family and I came back to New Zealand in 1999. We were driving along the motorway, I thought I had died and  gone to wild flower garden. The road side and the middle divider were full of flowers.
When they were first planted in 1998 it was envisaged that they would improve the appearance of the motorways and reduce maintenance costs and the time that crews would spend tending to the wildflower gardens.
The flowers did not seed well because of poor ground conditions and because it was not their natural environment. Over time the beds became infested with brassicas and other unwanted weeds, the areas looked untidy for most of the year and proved expensive to look after, which meant that the gardening crews spent more time exposed to motorway traffic. 
The wildflowers were not as long for this world as initially hoped.  
Now I see a sea of yellow wild flowers. Not as attractive as before, but good enough for me. Can't see the yellow flowers, as they were tiny ones.

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