Monday, June 28, 2010

A-Z Food Fun: W for waxed ducks

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When I was little, Dad and Mum used to buy this preserved ducks called waxed ducks. They were not really waxed but wind and sun dried. In order to dry them well, they are flatten like a disc.

It is very salty and you cut them into little pieces. The savoury oil drizzled in white rice makes the plain steamed white a very delicious flavoured rice. A little piece of duck meat goes a long way.

In Borneo, it is available only during Chinese New Year. They also sell these in Singapore, and in any where there are Chinese. There are also waxed Chinese sausages and belly of pork.

We do not buy them in my household. The water engineer doesn't like preservatives.


Ben said...

It would take me a while to acquire the taste for the waxed duck, but if it's tasty I'd give it a try!

Dar said...

Very interesting about the waxed duck. I have never heard of it before, but would try anything, well just about anything, at least once. You continue to share such a different culture with your foods and plants. Continue to intrigue me.

Minerva said...

We have several Asian grocery stores by us. My husband goes there quite frequently. I'll have to ask him if he's seen waxed duck. The rice sounds rich and full of flavor.

Maia T said...

Interesting preservation method with this flattening.
Never seen such waxed ducks by us and somehow I agree with the water engineer.

Judy said...

Although, if the ducks are dried with no salt or anything added, then they would have no preservatives - but you said the meat is very salty. It is certainly a novel way of preserving the meat.
Ann, you ask about the white lilacs - these these have been in my family a couple of generations now. I was surprised this spring to see pink lilacs! But yes, most of them are purple.

The JR said...

My mom was Japanese and she loved so many different things that we wouldn't even try.

Funny how its what you are raised on that determines your taste.

Jen said...

Hi Ann
I thought it was a cookie from the picture. :)
Very interesting post. Have a good week.

Connie said...

Hi Ann! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. :D I've never heard of or seen waxed duck before. It sounds interesting. What a unique way to preserve it!