Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday Theme Song:Wild flowers
Teresa Teng-路 邊 的 野 花 不 要 採 Don't Pick The Roadside Flowers

Doug posted his lovely daffodil and this saying which reminded me of this song.

Pluck not the wayside flower;
It is the traveler's dower.
~William Allingham

In Chinese, the road side flower means the not so nice girls. You pick the home grown flowers.

I was educated in English In Borneo, but I liked this Chinese Song, and Teresa was on of the most popular artistes. Sadly she died from an asthmatic attack.
The video is beautiful. Artistes: Cathie Ryan

Lyrics: [ The Wild Flowers ]

Twas' the wild flowers I preferred
Who owed nothing to nobody
But blossomed in the ditches
And made their own way in the world

Twas' the wild flowers I admired
Who never done nothing to you
But driven from the garden
Sang their own songs in the spring

You can have your lilie, you can have your rose
That were taken and broken, and bred by men
They were grafted and maimed, twisted and tamed

But the wild flowers I enjoyed
They had nothing to do with you
They flowered by the roadside
And wore their own colours in the sun

They were there before you
They'll be there after you
That will out, that will out
Like your own true nature
You can try, you can try
But you never will defeat...

The wild flowers I enjoyed
They had nothing to do with you
Banished from the garden
They made their own way in the world
Sang their own songs in the spring
And wore their own ... colours ... in the sun


Hootin Anni said...

I love these lyrics...
a wildflower, owing nothing to nobody. So, so true. And so so perfect.

Wonderful photos Ann.

The JR said...

Beautiful. Looks like a couple of them came from my yard.

My Mind's Eye said...

What great lyrics and beautiful pictures!! In the spring North Carolina has lots of wildflower fields along the highway. I do so enjoy them too
Madi and Mom

Ginny Hartzler said...

I'm crazy about this wildflower song!!!! It is a beautiful song and I love the words. Thanks for typing the lyrics, I have just printed them, maybe I will use some of them in a post. I have always loved wildflowers more than the cultivated ones. Phil calls them weeds, but if there were only a few, they would be prized.

SquirrelQueen said...

What a beautiful song Ann. After you explained the meaning is has a sadness to it but still very beautiful. I will think of it whenever I see road side flowers.