Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scenic Sunday: Big hair, Big heart


Shave for a Cure is the LBF’s signature fundraising event.

First held in 1999, Shave for a Cure has grown into a national movement. Over the last twelve years, New Zealanders have registered, dobbed in their mates, fundraised, organised their events and shorn their locks as a way to demonstrate their solidarity with those living with blood cancers like leukaemia.

Their families, friends, work mates and teammates have donated, supported and joined them to help us reach our goal of 10,000 people shaving. That’s one for every person living with a blood cancer or condition in New Zealand.

Anyone can Shave for a Cure including: artists, businesses, celebrities, hairdressers, medical professionals, individuals, families, schools, sports teams, social organisations, universities and so many more.

Shave11 is a fun and easy way to raise money, while showing empathy and solidarity for leukaemia patients, many of whom suffer hair loss as a result of life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The LBF is the national charity dedicated to supporting patients and their families living with a blood cancer or a related blood condition. The LBF receives no government funding. With your help we can continue to fund our core services – patient support programmes, research, information, awareness, and advocacy.
Join the Shave craze. 4 to 10 April.

Shave for a Cure promises to be another hair-raising affair! Whether you are a business professional, student, celebrity, sports team or other group, this is your chance to join the thousands who have shaved to support the 10,000 New Zealand children and adults living with a blood cancer like leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related condition. Show solidarity with those living with blood cancers or conditions; tell friends and familiy and sign up to Shave!

These two young men from my church Mt Albert Baptist Church didn't know it, I was secretly in love with their tresses. When Eric came to my church as the intern training in youth ministry and leadership from Carey Baptist College, his big hair stood out.

When I saw him, without his hair, I asked him if he did it for Shave for Cancer, and he said yes.

So I did a quick interview. He is Kelepi Eric Mailau, orignally from Tonga. I greeted him Melo Lei lei, which means hello, and I shared with him this joke that my ESOL students told me,

What did the Tangniwha/ monster say after he ate Tonga. I want Samoa(some more). Eric laughed.

Here is Eric and Isaac Lovatt. I know Isaac's younger brother Thomas and Sister Jessica. Isaac plays for the band in church, and when he blew the trumpet, he blew me away.

They both cut their hair for Child Cancer Foundation on the 2nd of December 2010. Eric raised $1500 and Isaac around the same , not sure the exact number but it was close to Eric's.

Ka Pai and Paki Paki, Eric and Isaac.

The best of all, I got to know these two guys.

Today, a young student had her hair shaved off, she has a beautiful Sigourney Weaver head. I told my colleagues, I am toying with the idea of doing it next year when I get enough time to market my idea. I don't have a beautiful rounded head, I have a flat Asian head.

Two years ago, another church member Rhiannon Dilworth, was 15 when she shaved for the same cause.


Ebie said...

Nice cause Ann. We have almost the same here called Locks of Love, where people donate their hair to make wig for cancer stricken both young and old.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Shaving for a good cause. I like something in between this long and bald. So many men nowadays shave their heads, it is the in style look!!! So then why do they worry about becoming bald???? They worry about being bald, and spend money on Rogaine to grow it back, then shave it all off anyway!!

Anonymous said...

It's all in a good cause. My sister did this a few years ago.

The JR said...

A good cause, man they look different now.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to those who participated in this great cause! Now I wonder what I would look like after shaving my head!