Friday, May 6, 2011

Macro Flowers Saturday: Canna

Macro Flower Saturday

Tomorrow's going to be Mother's day.
Children are making cards.

There are two groups who are not celebrating.
I teach two brothers,
Their mum died when the older was 6,
He remembers his mum.
The younger was too young to remember.

I ask the kids if they want to make a card for their mum.
They say Yes!
I ask the older brother, he said he was fine,
He wants to make one for his Dad.

But the little bro is very sensitive,
I do not even want to go there.
So we don't make a card even when the others ask.

The other group are the mums,
who had lost their children.
On this mother's day.
their arms are heavy.
Tears well up in their eyes.
Others may have forgotten.
They have not.

I have the unfortunate circumstances,
I lost my mum,
I lost my child.
Praise God, I have moved on.
Happy Mother's Day.
I say a prayer to those who have no joy on this day.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh Ann, what a touching post!!! Because of what you went through, you are very sensitive to these other people and able to help them. You can see those whose hearts are hurting. I think this picture is my favorite you have ever posted, so beautiful!! I lost my mom just a few years ago, and this day will be hard for me, as well. I hope you will experience some joy this weekend.

SquirrelQueen said...

Sometimes we tend to forget those who feel pain during holidays like Mother's Day. Thank you for the reminder Ann, this was a beautiful post.

The Canna is gorgeous.

alovestory said...

Praying for God's comfort for you, Ann. I feel for you and the boys who lost their mom. I think your little baby is now a handsome grown boy in Heaven, lovingly cared for by angels and our perfect Father. He misses you too, but one day we will all go to him, not him to us. I lost my mom over a year ago and I miss her, too. But I rejoice that I have children to be a mother to. I think your other three children are rejoicing too that they have a mom like you!! I have a friend who can't have children and she makes herself a caring, nurturing person to those around her. I thank God for Mothers and Mother's Day. May He continue to bless and comfort you.

The JR said...

Those are beautiful. Very touching.