Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday Scans: memory lane in 1974

Sports played a big part in Kai Chung School. That year, due to my shouting with Lynn Wong/Leng, A La Man Da, we won. This was Miss Chieng, she was my best girl friend when I was teaching there.

One year, there was a funeral in Sibu, Mr Pau and I accomapanied the students by motor launch aka a big boat. After the funeral, we were treated to an eating house, not exactly a five star restaurant. But to the students from small town Binatang, Sibu was a big place. I recall Mr. Pau telling one girl who had gastric that she wasn't to eat the bigger strands Bee Hoon, but she ate any way. Mr Pau sighed. Mr. Pau has since passed away. I will always remember Mr. Pau.

Then I arranged with my Aunt to visit See Hua Daily news paper. They not only printed the newspaper, they also made plastic bags. I was most impressed how the sacks of whistish granules of rice like plastic could be made into transparent sheets of plastic,

Another of my bucket list.



Ginny Hartzler said...

I hope you are preserving your memories with these pictures, make hard copies and keep them.

The JR said...

Great memories.