Friday, December 14, 2012

The rampage in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut

For whom does the bell toll? I hear the bell tolling in this little cemetery. For a little baby who was born on Valentine's Day. For his mother who had him snatched away from her arms. For his aunties who shared this sad news. The bell is tolling for a little boy who had been afflicted. From a fatal disease from the day he was born. For his mum and dad, For his grandma and granddad, For the five years they stood by his side. The bell continues to toll, It is not right, When it is for little children. I wrote this poem many years ago on a Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of my friend’s five year old grandson, David. This January, I went to meet his mum and talked. The rampage in the northeastern state of Connecticut makes me think of the many mums who are grieving.


MaR said...

Beautiful poem.
I am too devastated by the loss of such young lives...

bells ~

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

The whole world is appalled with this terrible tragedy, Ann.