Thursday, June 20, 2013

Watery Wed and Kia Kaha to my Sibu town.

Our Watery Wednesday came today in the form of frozen water  of snow and hail, and thunder storm.

I was going to a song practise for Sunday's International Day. It was pitch black, being the shortest day in the  southern Hemisphere. I was reluctant to go, I didn't want to go in the blustery wind and heavy down pour.

When I went, the first action song was Kia Kaha. Be Strong  and be brave. This was a term I used as I came to the end of my book "Diary of a bereaved Mother." I had told myself to be Kia Kaha.

On Sunday, I will be Kia Kaha again as I do this action Maori song,

Kia kaha is a Māori phrase used by both the Māori and Pākehā (European) people of New Zealand meaning stay strong, used as an affirmation. The phrase has significant meaning for both the Māori and Pākehā people: popularised through its usage by the 28th Māori Battalion during World War II, it is found in titles of books and songs, as well as a motto.

About 100 houses in my home town Sibu was razed to the ground. To my people I say, Kia Kaha"

Be strong and be brave,
Br steadfast and sure.
For God is our shelter,
He is our strength.


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