Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ABC Wednesday/Red/Save the world. My WorldStock bags.

I just retired my first Worldstock bag, and bought a new one.  Some friends ask why I travel with a tatty old bag. I reply that when I carry this bag, I won't be robbed.

I am saving the world when I use these bags.

My bag,
My bag,
friends laugh at my tatty bag.
Why don't you buy a new one,

It is perfectly okay.
I love it, I had it for years.
Nobody will rob me with my tatty old bag.

She's served me well,
She's part of me.
Today, I got another of the same make.
What am I going to do with my old bag.


About Worldstock

There are artisans around the world who create exquisite handcrafted items. Because they are small-lot producers, they have difficulty accessing the U.S market in this age of mass distribution. The expense of transferring their goods from remote villages would create an unaffordable price for consumers. In 2001, we realized the potential of combining forces with these artisans; and thus, Worldstock Fair Trade was born.

The purpose of Worldstock Fair Trade is not to make money, but to create thousands (someday millions) of jobs for artisans in the most destitute regions of the world. All net profits from Worldstock Fair Trade are donated to fund philanthropic projects in several countries, including Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, and Nepal.

Our mission is to provide customers with small-lot produced goods at an affordable price. By doing so, we locate products made by craftswomen and craftsmen from around the world. We emphasize sustainability, choosing environmentally friendly products that won't burn up natural or human resources. We strive to provide our customers with exclusive products, including handcrafted clothing, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, and much more.

Worldstock, making a world of difference.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

i use and re-use tatty old bags as well. I have purchased sturdy canvas bags as I often have rather heavy things to carry. also, I like them sturdy and able to stand on their own when i fill them with groceries.

Roger Owen Green said...

Is true. I had an old bike locked with a nice new one of my friend's. HIS was stolen.

Leslie: said...

You have made a good point with regard to not having it stolen!

abcw team

Indrani said...

One tends to get attached to things we use for years. I had one shoe like that, it had worn off so much yet I wasn't willing to part with it. Ultimately my daughters got me to part with it. :)

Unknown said...

You bag is so pretty ... I love that it has a long "handle" so that it could be put over one's head and shoulder ... easier to carry that way and helps prevent theft. And, of course, a reusable bag is fabulous!