Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mango salad

You need two semi green mangoes ( still hard) cut into strips, and salt it a little.
Cut green and red capsicum the same strips as the mangoes.
Cut red onions into rings.
Cut cucumber into strips,
Cut carrots into thin stricks
Chop spring onions.
Chop one chilli or 1/2 spoon dried chilli flakes,
One lemon juice,(can use 2 spoons of vinegar)
2 spoon sugar,
1 spoon salt,
1 teaspoon of fish sauce.(optional if you can't stand the smell or taste)

Mix all ingredients.
Chill and serve in a big glass bowl.

Optional, soft 1/2 a pack of Chinese pea vermicelli aka called TUNG FEN in Chinese in hot water. Drain well. This is the type used by Pasifika people in their chop suez.

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