Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WELLA: Sabestian Professional

Shampoos that cleanse and care, conditioners that pamper and treatments that rebuild for a flawless FOUNDATION
 Sebastian Trilliance, shine preparation cleanser for all type of hair
 Sebastian Trilliant, thermal protection and shimmer-complex
Sebastian Trilliance shine preparation rinser for all types of hair.

When I was in between my first degree in Canada and my second degree in New Zealand, my aunt who owned the best salon in the town, suggested that I could come to her salon to learn to be a shampoo girl. She said I could work in the summer holidays in a hair and beauty salon. There she taught me the importance of using good  hair care products before I started to shampoo.  Her product was WELLA.

With the Christmas holiday coming up, whether it is for you to look glamorous for parties, or to give that "I don't know what to give" gift, WELLA is offering gorgeous limited packs from premium hair-care ranges. Sebastion Professional is one of them.

The Trilliance Pack features a 250ml shampoo, 250 ml conditioner and 150ml Trilliant. Formulated with rock crystal extract for added shine. Hair is left soft to touch with Trilliant thermal protection and shimmer complex, designed to gently condition hair.

I am given products to test to write this review, I am not paid.

Procter & Gamble serves approximately 4.8 billion people around the world with its brands.


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Great Info.. Thanks for sharing.

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