Thursday, April 9, 2015

Watermelon rind pickle.

 scoop the red part of the water melon. This one has very thin rind.
 cut the green skin.

 cut thin strips, salt over night.

 rinse the salt, add vinegar and salt.

Many years ago, when I was in Canada, I read a recipe from South Africa. It was a water melon rind pickle. I was curious, but never made it. Today Tommy showed me this,. He serves it in his restaurant. So I tried to make the pickle that had intrigued me 40 yrs ago.

I made it based on my cucumber uncooked recipe.

Verdict, psychologically both my daughter and I didn't like it. The texture has a lot of crunch, but has a lot of watermelon flavour. I don't think I will make another batch unless my other daughter who loves pickle likes me to make them.

My girl friend who lived in Canada made watermelon sweet candy. "I just cut them into strips, mix them with sugar, spread them on the baking pan, put in the oven with low heat."

for a cooked recipe.

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