Friday, June 26, 2015

Red: Margaret and Arlene

Yesterday I saw a land rover. I am fascinated about Land Rovers being able to go on water. I was going to write our family story. Today, I receive the photo of Margaret's second daughter Arlene's capping. It is timely to post this story again.

 My friend Jim has a box for us short people to jump into the jeep.

My sister Margaret, ( immediately younger than me by 2 and half years) was very very smart. When she was  about 4, she went to a Land Rover, and read "I and Rover." We laughed at her, instead of praising her, perhaps there were some sibling jealousy on my part. But Margaret has the last laugh. She was really very smart. She got a PhD from Lincoln University in New Zealand.

Margaret has been teaching at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Sarawak. On Sarawak Governor's birthday in 2010, on this occasion he gave honours to prominent people in the society. Margaret was awarded with a Pingat Bintang Kenyalang, an officer of the Order of the Star of Hornbill Sarawak by the Governor of Sarawak for services to education and community development on the occasion of his Excellency’s birthday. 

Our parents have passed on, otherwise, I am sure they would be very proud of her. We siblings rejoice with her achievement.

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