Thursday, August 27, 2015

Carousel: Nostalgia 1967

 Stephen Lau's photo of him as a policeman in the musical

The Empire State Carousel | The Farmers' Museum

When I was 12, my school, Methodist Secondary School put on a musical. It was the first time I had seen on such a grand scale. I joined the Performing Arts the next year. School then was fun.

While the seniors sang on stage, the music teacher taught the juniors, and I can still remember some of the words of "If I love you." Actors then were Maimunah, Zulaiha, Stephen Lau, Toman Mamuna and my friend Soraya, and my Geography teacher Mr. Mason.
  • Billy Bigelow has been dead for fifteen years, and now outside the pearly gates, he long waived his right to go back to Earth for a day. But he has heard that there is a problem with his family, namely his wife Julie Bigelow née Jordan and the child he never met, that problem with which he would now like to head back to Earth to assist in rectifying. Before he is allowed back to Earth, he has to get the OK from the gatekeeper, to who he tells his story... Immediately attracted to each other, he and Julie met when he worked as a carousel barker. Both stated to the other that they did not believe in love or marriage, but they did get married. Because the shrewish carousel owner, Mrs. Mullin, was attracted to Billy herself, and since she believed he was only of use as a barker if he was single to attract the young women to the carousel, she fired him. With no other job skills and unwilling to take just any job, Billy did not provide for Julie but rather lived off Julie's Aunt Nettie. But Billy figured he could be the breadwinner through his association with a criminal lowlife named Jigger Craigin, which led to his death. In going back to Earth, Billy not only hopes to help his child, but "tell" Julie of his true feeling for her.
    - Written by Huggo
  • Billy Bigelow asks for permission to be sent down "from above" for one day to try and make amends for mistakes he made in life. Billy worked at the carnival as a carousel barker, which is where he met Julie. The carousel owner, Mrs. Mullin, fired him because of jealousy, and he and Julie got married. Billy got into bad habits when he couldn't find a job and they were forced to live with Julie's cousin Nettie after Julie was fired from her factory job for staying out late with Billy. When Julie told him she was pregnant, he felt compelled to somehow find a way to support his family, but the only option seemed to be falling back into crime with his old pal Jigger.
    - Written by Ed Sutton (revised by Albert Sanchez Moreno )

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Interesting...sounds like a compelling story. How does it end?