Friday, August 28, 2015

The Gypsy Baron.

In 1967, when I entered Secondary school, the performance club produced a wonderful musical, "The Carousel." Some of my friends were in it.

The next year, I siged up quickly. My sister said I wanted to be in the limelight. Mother reminded us that Dad was in a play after the war to raise fund for war torn Sibu.

My two girls were in drama, we got acting in our blood. While my girls had major roles, I was in the junior choir. We had a lot of fun and even toured to Kapit. Unfortunately, for me, I felt sick while waiting in the back stage, and a bag nose bleed and had to be rush to hospital.

That was me in the school's production of the Musical of the Gypsy baron. It was in 1968, and my moment of flame was when I was chosen to present the finale bouquet to Norliza Zulaikha Ali

Facebook came about, and some students started a Methodist secondary school Alumni. We started talking about these musical production.

I mention,"We had to make our own costume, and I attached crepe paper to the edge of the skirt. This was rejected and I was given a beautiful skirt."

Camille Yahm Ann, I believe I did make that skirt. I still have the paper pattern that I used to cut out the material. My mother sent it to me from the US. I also made the costume worn by the Baron. That took all of ingenuity to put that together!

Credit of this photo, the Form 6 students who started the Journalist club, and their magazine , the Beacon, and my mentor Yi Chang who was one of the photographers.

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