Friday, March 18, 2016

blue pea flower:clitoria "Ternatea", uses.

 :clitoria "Ternatea",

This is from an article which probably is a sales brochure.  

Item(s):Selling Sun Dried Blue Pea Flower/Bunga Telang-RM4 per 10g
1.Health Benefits of blue pea flower tea:
* Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth/ prevent hair loss & grey hair
* possess anti cancer properties.
* Slows aging process
* Provides powerful antioxidants
* Keeps skin glowing & healthy
* Treats urinary problems
* Improves eyesight & night vision
* Treats eye infections
* Stimulates blood circulation
* Detoxifies body
* Enhances immune system
* Prevents skin bruising

Brewing blue pea flower tea:
Put 2-3 organic dried butterfly pea flowers to one cup of tea, add boiling water, steep for 5-10 minutes depending on desired flavor and color
For stronger taste, you may add 6 dried flowers to one cup of tea, steep for 15-20 minutes.
You can add wild honey for sweeter taste or fresh squeezed lemon juice to turn the color from blue to purple.
You may chill some butterfly pea flower tea and add some ice cubes for delicious blue ice tea.

2. Natural Food Dye:
Butterfly pea flowers are cooked and squeezed to make blue color natural food dye for desserts, traditional kuih and cookings.
It is widely used in Malaysian cooking such as in Nyonya Kuih, Nasi

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