Thursday, January 5, 2017

My mum's Apai and Indai, foster dad and mum

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  Grand Miring ceremonies are performed during the Gawai Dayak. In 2012, I was invited to a visit to a longhouse in Bintangnor. We had Ling Kie King representing us for the ceremony. 

The Chans and the Kongs go back a long way with the Ibans.

In 1907, My Paternal grandfather arrived in Borneo in Sibu where he had contact with the Ibans.

What is unknown to many people, my mother Kong Wah Kiew had an  Apai and an Indai. (Apai is for father and Indai is for mother.) Mother must have been the first Chinese child to be born there. As with the Chinese customs of KAI/Fostering a child, my Mum went through a big ceremony where the head man of the long house would adopt her, and they promised to take care of the clan. The clan and the Ibans remain on good term.

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