Monday, February 13, 2017

ABC Letter F, for Fire, Kunming lanterns.

Letter F for fire. these lanterns are not allowed in New Zealand of the danger of fire.I am going to teach my students why we celebrate the Lantern festival.

May Lu Yieng Chu, Yek Jau Lang, Ling Liung Ong & Jenny lantern take their wish up the sky and grant them everything they wished for.

The grand finale of the Kai Chung School reunion. Francis Chen, the home based organiser had the idea of releasing these giant lanterns. He had to get police clearance to release these Kunming lanterns. Many of us released them, it was tricky to get enough hot air. I was busy taking photos. we were to make a wish before the balloons floated up and up and up.

Thanks to Francis, I have unlit lanterns so I can take it back with me to New Zealand to share it with my present students.
This year, I am taking them to my ESOL class to show my students.

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