Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lee Min Dan: growing up in the 60s in Borneo

 I got an email requesting me to do another blog on Lee Min Dan.

Hi Ann,
I chanced upon your blogs when I was watching a video on youtube about Lee Min Dan ' A Chinese boy growing up in Sarawak , 1969 '.
I read the comments and found out that he was your classmate and sadly had passed on several years ago.
I was teaching in Sarawak in the early 80s. Still love Sarawak and have fond memories. I took a boat upriver from Sibu to Kanowit to visit my friend, a teacher. The river was so clear and unpolluted then. It's now a disaster due to pollution from logging.
Could you write a blog article on Lee Min Dan and why Michael Rogge went to your school to do the filming ? I love the youtube video. Interesting growing up years of a bygone era where life was so simple and people were so sincere in small towns.
By the way, are you Cantonese ? Very few Cantonese in Sarawak. I'm West Malaysian Cantonese from Kuala Lumpur. I'm 61 this year and a retired teacher. I would love to visit Sarawak again after 35 years. I would love to visit Kapit becos the previous time I intended to visit that place was in 1982. The boats won't go there at that time becos the water level of the river was low due to the dry season.
Hope to hear from you and please write on Lee Min Dan.
Yours sincerely,

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