Monday, July 31, 2017


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my sis Helen is learning Eastern med. My Ah Tai practised this, Chinese mugwort (Folium Artemisiae argyi) is used for moxibustion, for a wide variety of health issues. The herb can be placed directly on the skin, attached to acupuncture needles, or rolled into sticks and waved gently over the area to be treated. In all instances, the herb is ignited and releases heat. Not only is it the herb which is believed[by whom?] to have healing properties in this manner, but it is also the heat released from the herb in a precise area

The current theme is "Heat" (Hot, Glowing, Fire, Smoke, Heat Distortion, Curling Iron,...).

Posting begins approximately Thursday 1am UTC (Wed 8pm EST, Wed 5pm PST, Thu 11am AEST) at

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