Friday, July 21, 2017

Wattle tree, the Australian National flower.

You will love this story, and it is true.My Dad was a senior civil servant, often the senior servants of Agricultural dept will give him plants to grow, once he had 6 of these saplings. They told him those were Christmas tree. He grew them, but they didn't look anything like the pine trees we associate with Christmas tree.
Mum likes to get rid of thing, Mum says they are not Christmas trees, get rid of them.
Dad likes to keep them. So he allowed to let them grow.
Each time we see the saplings grow taller and taller, we said what the heck.They definitely were not Christmas trees.

Mum and Dad went to live in Oz. Sadly mum died.
I went with my sister Helen and we walked in the bush.
The wattles were in full bloom.There were a zillion yellow baubles.
Excitedly I exclaimed,"That's the Christmas tree dad grew.
I told Helen, now I understand why it is called a Christmas tree. It is the Wattle tree, the Australian National flower.
This Sunday, we are celebrating Christmas in July.

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