Friday, January 5, 2018

kueh lapis

Every new year, I tell this story. I learn to make kuih lapis in 1977. This woman had baking classes. Her oven had a separate grill and oven. The grill was doorless and just right for making kuih lapis. She had a custom made baking tin, which has a handle. 
The batter was a normal cake batter. One spoon into the tin, In goes on the rack of the grill. once the batter dries, out comes the rack, one spoon of batter. and it repeats usually twenty times if you want twenty layers of pencil thin cakes.
Was I impressed? I swore, I will never make another, and if I was given a cake, I tell the family to nibble it.
I drew this oven, because people normally don't have a grill and oven separate. Without a doorless grill, I am sure the procedure is even harder, when you have to open and shut the oven.

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Price :
SGD$2.00 / Slice
SGD$43.00 / Medium
SGD$58.00 / Large

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Chin Yenlooi Yes, Ann Chin. I saw my mom making this cake once and it was laborious. Eating it was never the same again. I developed a heightened sense of appreciation for the cake.

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Rose Kalang FitzGerald Sounds so tedious for me. Those who baked this must be for labor of love.

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Hilda Diane Seumahu made real to me when my Indonesian motherinlaw made at the village in a metal baby bath .She squatted on worn dirt lovingly attending to each layer. Yes, passion and perseverance with asmile. This is my special.memory of my hubby,s Mum .

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Patricia Yam The most labourious cake to make. Tried once and never again, My hands got scorched so many times.

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