Sunday, January 7, 2018

My 4th Aunty Wah Mee

4th Aunty Ngui Nee Kong Wah Mee, mum's youngest sister told me and my cousins that I was her favourite niece. Thanks aunty.

Before Dad went to England, he begged Aunty to leave Sibu town with Ah Tai to go up to the Lanang Road village to keep my mum company. She really didn't want to go to the village, but she loved Mum, seeing Mum had a brood of 4 kids. I was only 20 months.

So she came, Mum saved Dad's family allowance and went to tap rubber. Aunty took care of us. I presume she cooked lunch too before she went to the village school.

This is the most significant part. She fed me before she went to school. As I was a slow eater, she chewed my food and fed it to me. That's how the story came about. I became her favourite niece as I had eaten her saliva.

During my 2006 trip, I stayed with her. We stayed up late in the night and she told me stories that I wouldn't have known.

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