Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Diary of a bereaved Mother

I was part of a documentary for the Baby Loss Awareness Week: Oct 9th to 15th. This was showed on National TV on Sunday.

Some bereaved mothers and dads went to a park by the beach and released balloons.

Fellow Blogger Scriptor Senex commented on my Photos Site.

Thanks Scriptor Senex, I always feel empathy from fellow bereaved parents and those grandparents and those close friends.

You did a great job, how long ago did your son die? We never fully get over our loss, don't we. Though this year, I am philosophical about not having Andrew. I tell myself, he made me a writer because he died. Otherwise, I will just be a amateur writer.

Many husbands including mine belong to stiff upper lip group, the category that we should accept and move on. I wrote in my book how I wished he continued to attend the Sands meetings.

I go to the Sands meetings, and more women attend the meetings than men. Those men who attend, they are very good.The meetings are not just for their wives but for themselves too.

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