Saturday, October 22, 2011

sunday bridge/scenic sunday: In Disneyland


It was so long ago when we went to LA. I think a small train went over the bridge.
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mick said...

Great photo of the bridge. I think that's one bridge that everyone all over the world can recognize.

Francisca said...

Ann, there's something wrong with your post: your photo is not showing here, although the thumbnail does show on Louis' site. Mick is referring to the GGB, not your bridge.

[Re your comment on my bridge: nobody, but NO-BO-DY ever walks slowly in HK! LOL! Besides, there are usually lights, which are diligently followed by most, and I would say it's "pedestrian be aware" when there are not... the traffic does not slow down for you, like in other places.]

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Even though «Louis» lives in California, he's never been to Disneyland. So here a blogger in New Zealand posts a photo of a bridge that is only 450 miles from «Louis»!

Francisca said...

Hmmm... this is odd. When I use Internet Explorer, your Disney bridge is there. But not in Firefox, my usual browser.

[HK is not China, but it is no joke about needing to be extra careful crossing any road there. It's each man, woman and child to him/herself in China! ;-)]

The JR said...


Bet that was a fun trip

Anonymous said...

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