Sunday, October 9, 2011

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As a Kiwi Mum, I have connected with these blogs, and was invited to do a review of the SunRice. I am given a sample to try out and I do not receive any financial returns.

SunRice has launched three delicious new flavours in their Quick Cups range and are looking for blogging Mums interested in reviewing them. There are 3 flavours: Egg Fried Rice, Teriyaki Rice and Chicken Rice.

Cups are placed into the microwave and in just 40 seconds a perfect mound of fluffy Basmati rice, with real veggies and loads of flavour, is ready for serving. They’re perfect as snacks for kids – or as part of a balanced meal for your little ones.

They have marketed these rice cups as perfect as snacks for kids or part of a balanced meal for your little ones.

I have tried all 3 flavours. They have very strong flavours, the best is egg fried rice. The Teriyaki was very sweet, and the chicken rice too salty.

It is convenient, just pop in the micro wave for less than one minute, and you have a snack. The portions are small, ie child size.

Would children like such a snack after school? I don't know. Would mums like to serve a snack where grains of rice might be scattered all over the place?

I would say, instead of marketing SunRice as a snack to children, it could be marketed as a bigger portion as a lunch in the office lunch room.


Ginny Hartzler said...

These look very good, and would be easy, but I have heard that this kind of food can have a full days worth of salt. You are very honest about it, good for you!

The JR said...

Sounds like a good concept.