Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baccarat: frypan

I watch cooking shows, no, I like the contests in the cooking show. I love watching how the chefs put their frying pan into the oven, and wonder if my own cheap frypan can be put in the same way.

Many many years ago, I was with a very good friend whom I had gone to school with when we were 6. She made the mistake, and the handle came off. The whole kitchen smelled of charred wood.

Santa had seen I was a good girl this year. He told my friend C and she gave me a Baccarat Ceramix , a ceramic non-stick frypan. Now I can be a Master Chef.

The best feature is, I can put the frypan into the oven. Thank you C. I love you.

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Ginny Hartzler said...

I also wanted a frying pan that could put in the oven, for quick top browning or melting cheese. I finally got one years ago. We love to watch the cooking contest shows like Top Chef!

Marsya Rovena said...

Hai Gan... Artikel Yang Sangat Bagus dan Memberikan Informasi Yang Bermanfaat..^^
Terima Kasih^^
Dan Mohon Untuk Izin Comment yah Gan^^

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