Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Juice Orchard

As part of the Kiwimummyblogs, I am invited to review products.

It is summer here in New Zealand and hence a good time for summery fruit drinks. This Just Juice Orchard is one I would like to endorse. As a very discerning drinking, I like to have juice available during a party for people who don't drink.

I watch a lot of cooking shows, and pay attention to the judges advice that people eat with their eyes first. The new packaging of Just Juice Orchard comes in a slim, sleek package. My young 20 something friends say it is "Cool" Kudos to the designing team.

I tried all three juice, the Sun Kissed Orange, Farm Style Apple and the Summer & Kiwifruit. I served them in a tall stemmed wine glass to add the air of style.

The Farm Style Apple appealed to my taste, it is sweet but not too sweet. The Summer & Kiwifruit was very pretty.

There was something I didn't like in the orange. Besides, the moment I cast my eyes on the orange packaging, I said, Oh oh!, doesn't that resemble a old old brand from a giant country that likes to take little people to court over something that remotely resemble them? There was once small business in a small town in New Zealand who couldn't use their family name.

Otherwise, Good job and Ka pai. I like to go to a party which serves non alcoholic drink, which is healthy for you, and is very reasonable at $3.99 a litre.

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