Monday, June 11, 2012

AMBCQ Water Dragons at Te Waka Challenge

we are paddling for the AMBCQ - Australian Malaysian Business Council Queensland. Shona Anikka Leppanen-Gibson is the senior vice president of AMBCQ, and a fellow paddler. The race is part of the corporate races that the Te Waka Dragon Boat Club organised. Photos taken by Shona.

My niece Sharlene went Row Row Row ,Row your boat at Northshore Riverside Park - Portside/Hamilton. I teased her if she came to New Zealand to race since Te Waka and Hamilton is New Zealand. 

Te Waka is a dragon boat group started by Kiwis! Maybe they had it at Hamilton because they were home sick...

Sharlene says:
Te Waka challenge is a bit different - we row with a team of 10, 5 must be female. We had 10 officially, but only 3 females, so we had to keep recruiting girls from other teams.

Row Row Row ,Row your boat   was one of the first songs I sang as a primary one pupil. It was very familiar as Sibu is situated along the 350 miles long Rejang River. There was annual dragon boat race.
There is this prevernail joke about "Fly Lice: that the Chinese can't say R. In fact, it doesn't apply to all Chinese. I happen to be taught by that Chinese dialect group. Often, you hear children singing..

low low low ya boat......Yife is but as deam.

Here's the English song.
Row, row, row,
Row your boat,
Gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream. 

For Save the world meme, I always loved the dragon boat, no fossil fuel to burn, and no noise pollution.  Good job, Sharlene and your friends. Thumbs up.

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