Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Challenge : Hot

Geothermal land in North Island New Zealand.

"HOT" (Fire, Burner, Candle, Day, Hot Springs, Hot Air Balloon,...)
Next Week: WOODEN (Furniture, Buildings, Crafts, Trees,...)
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Meoww said...

Is is Yellowstone? Magical place. Hot!

genie said...

This definitely is representative of the “hot” prompt. Beautiful captures. I, too, am wondering where you were when you took these. The second shot makes me feel like she is going to fall into a steamy pit. genie

Giga said...

Ekscytujące miejsce i z przyjemnością też bym tam zajrzała, chociaż gorąco. Pozdrawiam.
Exciting place and will be happy too I looked there, but hot. Yours.