Wednesday, June 13, 2012

watery wed/save the world. Cold cold cold

It was so cold last night. The mercury dropped to zero degrees. I couldn't sleep last night, my sole was itchy. Eventually I got up and wore my woollen slipper. This morning, the lawn was whte, my car was covered with a thick 1/3 inch frost. Thick enough for me to use a stick and crave the names of my children.

I wore my Ugg boots. They look ugly, but are very comfortable and warm, and I won't slip. Wear to keep warm, don't worry about looks. This is my save the world theme.

In New Zealand and Australia Ugg Boot is a generic term for Sheepskin Boot and it does not relate to a specific brand. We’ve been wearing Ugg Boots downunder for a hundred years and the best quality Ugg Boots are made right here in NZ. New Zealand Nature Company offers you quality Ugg Boots (Sheepskin Boots) made from premium, twin-face sheepskin and your choice of supertread rubber, or lightweight EVA, sole.

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NatureFootstep said...

ouch, frost this time of year is not fun. :(