Wednesday, January 4, 2017

ABC Wed letter Z

I love the zoo, mainly because I grew up without one.  In a rare occurrence, twin giraffes were born at Auckland Zoo on 3 Jan, though sadly one calf had to be put down. According to Auckland Zoo, only about 30 cases of giraffe twins have been reported worldwide. Here is 7-year-old giraffe mum Kiraka with her new female calf.



Lady In Read said...

visiting the zoo is one of our favorite trip as a family.. and we saw a two week old baby giraffe as well on our last trip to the local zoo here.. that was a beautiful experience
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MelodyK said...

visiting a zoo is the one thing I most love to go out the door for... I do it very often, as often as I can

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
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Klara S said...

In the meantime cool picture of hippo :)

Joy said...

I like the chilled out hippo.

Roger Owen Green said...

I went to the zoo all the time as a kid. what they allowed then, with small encloosures, would never be allowed now, and rightly so.