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I enjoy communicating with friends who write.  Here I am hosting Maureen Larter's work. I hope you will like it.

China3 (45)

Rooms, English and Dodos

In 1989 I went to China. It was an enlightening experience.
Unfortunately, a world shattering event happened while I was there.
Anyone old enough to remember, can still see the image of a student standing in front of a tank in the demonstrations at Tiananmen Square, Beijing.
When my family and I were finally allowed out of China, I always declared I would go back – it was, and still is, a fascinating country.
In 2006 I got my wish. In a small room of a small apartment in Qiqihar, North China (Heilongjiang province), I lived and breathed my dream for nearly 5 months. While there I taught many students the English language. I worked sixty hour weeks and spent a lot of time in old buses travelling to schools in rural areas.
A different China than I had seen as a tourist seventeen years earlier, but wonderful all the same.
I came home and settled back into my Australian life. Suddenly it was 2016 and ten years had magically past. I decided I needed to travel again.
This time I volunteered to teach English in Cambodia, so the journey of life took me into Asia once again.
Now, home again, as I have mentioned before, I am working on a very ambitious project for the Asian market. ‘Learning basic English‘ is now underway, with ‘nouns’ being the first. Engfrontcover

There will be five books in the series, each having a book for the students, and a manual for the teacher. Hopefully with an audio book involved, too.

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