Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thursday Theme Song: Traffic Jam

The worst traffic jams I had been in were during the Chinese New Year festivals when there is an exodus of Malaysian workers in Malaysia cities and in Singapore returning home for their reunion. We were stuck for 6 hours.


Traffic Jam by James Taylor

Damn this traffic jam
How I hate to be late
It hurts my motor to go so slow
Damn this traffic jam
Time I get home my supper'll be cold
Damn this traffic jam

Well I left my job about 5 o'clock
It took fifteen minutes go three blocks
Just in time to stand in line
With a freeway looking like a parking lot

- Chorus -

Now I almost had a heart attack
Looking in my rear view mirror
I saw myself the next car back
Looking in the rear view mirror
'Bout to have a heart attack
I said

- Chorus -

Now when I die I don't want no coffin
I thought about it all too often
Just strap me in behind the wheel
And bury me with my automobile

- Chorus -


Now I used to think that I was cool
Running around on fossil fuel
Until I saw what I was doing
Was driving down the road to ruin


1 comment:

Lighthousegal said...

What a neat song. I had never heard it before. It sure fits your pictures.
I have never been in a traffic jam for 6 hours, that had to be very tiring.
Nice Post!