Saturday, July 2, 2011

scenic sunday/sunday scans: old school photos



The year was 1974, when I became a young teacher at 19, in a small town of Binatang, now known as Bintangor. I went to teach after my High School, and it was fun as a young enthusiastic teacher at Kai Chung School. I got to know a Chew Family and recently they found me on Facebook and we reconnected and found other old friends as well.

Today, many decades had passed, some of my current students ask me how old I am, and say," You are even older than my Nana." I tell them, "then you show me respect because I am older than your Nana."

This blog is for an old colleague J.


Penelope Notes said...

It is quite a responsibility to be a teacher at such a young age and perhaps a little more challenging to gain respect. Our memories become a little faded over time like photographs so it is great to reminisce. How wonderful it must be to be rediscovered by former students and friends. :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

So are these reunion pictures from the different years?

Greensboro Daily Photo said...


You are such a great blogger. Always with interesting posts and always saying nice things on the blogs of others. It sounds like some very interesting things are happening in your life!

Kim, USA said...

To reconnect old friends in facebook is awesome. Thanks for sharing Ann!

Sunday Scans

Al said...

What great old shots - they must bring back lots of memories. I sometimes think I'd like to teach for a few years after I retire, but they make it so difficult in my country, with required certifications, and no ability to discipline students, so I probably won't.

Scrappy Grams said...

so young to teach, especially high school!
I found my perfect niche in my last 19 years of teaching- first grade.
I too have been reunited with former students. It gives me a good feeling, knowing that they still want to be in contact with me.

The JR said...

neat pictures
hope they do respect you