Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Reflection: Respect

It was a cold, blustery, winterly afternoon,
A group of senior citizens walked in the rain to catch the train.
The train station was just a small shelter with a bench.

My heart sank, at the "no respect" the two young girls showed.
They continued to sit,
When many of the senior citizens, some in their 80s had to stand in the rain.

I felt sad,
when I was young,
I was taught to give respect, and give up my seat for an older person.

In school,
I teach my students, to give respect.
Where was the respect on that Wednesday afternoon?


Ginny Hartzler said...

Don't get me started! I am old and handicapped, I have a bad curved back and can't stand for long without pain. Yet so many times I have had to leave a place because young healthy kids, and even teenagers are sitting and there is no seat left. They are healthy and can stand as long as they want without pain, do you think I should actually say something to them sometime??? Maybe they just don't realize, maybe they think old people can stand as well as they can. They will never know unless someone tells them, in a very nice way...

James said...

We live in a different world these days. Respect and morals seem to be old fashioned ideals. It too me awhile to spot the reflection until I saw the electric sign. :)
Regarding your question about the six light prongs, I don't know because I never thought about it. I'm going to look at more night photos and see.

The JR said...

That's a lot of the problem. They are not taught any respect.