Tuesday, October 18, 2011

watery wednesdayWeekend Reflection: Teen Cancer

My school is at Point Chevalier, which is near this beach. I am proud to say that my school supports Canteen.

This is a reflection post of a different kind. This year's Canteen appeal is close to my heart. A friend's son and ex student of my school has cancer. As a bereaved mother, I feel for all those mothers who had lost their children to cancer, and I walk with those mothers who are struggling with their children as they fight this horrible disease.



CanTeen is the New Zealand organisation supporting young people aged between 13 and 24 living with cancer.

CanTeen was established to ensure that no young person in New Zealand living with cancer should ever have to feel alone.
Mission Our mission is to support, develop and empower, young people living with cancer through a national peer support network, and high quality educational and recreational programmes.

Their annual appeal is the Bandanna Challenge,Bandanna Challenge is CanTeen's major public appeal and fundraiser for the year and was held from 23 September - 9 October in 2011. It is over, but you can still buy them online.

On everyone's lips who are watching the Rugby World Cup is 22 year old Aaron Cruden. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which necessitated the removal of one of his testicles, and is said to have cost him a super 14 contract in 2009. The cancer has since gone into remission. Cruden started the match at First Five-Eighth against Australia on 16 October 2011, in the World Cup Semi Final at Eden Park, scoring a drop goal in the 20-6 victory for the All Blacks.

Most schools support them, and my school's student council sold bandannas and the children wore this colourful bandannas in different style. The classroom became a sea of coulour hues.

The most popular ones were designed by celebrities and sporting heros.

Some schools refused to support this cause arguing that bandannas are associated with gangs. This is a pity as the orginally intention was to identify with cancer victims who usually lost their hair and have to wear a bandanna over their head to cover their baldness.




Judy said...

That is a great little beach!

genie said...

What a wonderful cause and charity. 8 years ago I had my head and eyebrows shaved to raise money for childhood cancers. It was one of the most special experiences of my life. My middle school collected almost $2,00.00. It was amazing. The first day I walked into the building with my bald head, some of the children laughed at me....and immediately I broke into tears. I think I scared them to death. They kept giggling, but then they stopped. At that moment I knew what it must be like to be a child without any hair. I did not wear bandannas. I wanted them all to see and feel what life would be without any hair on their heads or faces...especially as children who are at the age when appearance is so important. I think of you often and what you must go through still on a daily basis. On behalf of all those children and families out there I say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. genie

Kay L. Davies said...

There is more than one cancer survivor in my family, so I can certainly understand.
Thanks for this caring and informative post, Ann.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Al said...

You have a kind heart and I'm so glad to hear that there are many charitable movements for cancer patients, thanks Ann.

Ebie said...

I am a supporter of any cancer cause. What a noble deed.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh goodness, it is true that the gangs here have their own color of bandana. So sad to see cancer in ones so very young, it just knows no limits or boundaries anymore. I just don 't remember so many people getting cancer fifty years ago.

Hootin Anni said...

Love the idea of this charity. And your water photo is perfect...so peaceful looking.

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The JR said...

An excellent cause.

Kim, USA said...

A very good cause. Not all bandana's are associated with gangs ^_^ In the Philippines we used bandana's a lot. About my macro shots, the green one is an eyeshadow, the colored is blush on, and your right with the last one it's a powder brush ^_^

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