Friday, May 25, 2012

crinum : hibernating plants

The poor crinum plant is hibernating now in winter. Actually, this morning, from afar, I saw 2 green things coming out, but it was too cold for me to go and have a look.
The leaves are big blades and the pink flowers are big blooms of lily. This clump is grown next to my garage.

Crinums are a large family, belonging to the amaryllidaceae group.


Rajesh said...

Beautiful flowers.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A delightful flower! Love how you have captured the stages of its life!

Magia da Inês said...

Lindas, delicadas e imagino que também são perfumadas.
Bom sábado!
Bom fim de semana!

Tina´s PicStory said...

lovely flowers! :)

Libby said...

Hi Ann! What a great post! Great how we got to see the flowers over time and capture the seasons - thanks!!

Tammie Lee said...

so lovely
they look as though they smell good, do they?

gosh you are cold and so am i, we are spring leaning towards summer and i am heading out to chop wood for a fire.

Healy Harpster said...

Great shots, lovely flowers..

Visiting for Flowers on Saturday- hope you can stop by:)

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

We have these growing in our garden too, Ann. They are lovely. Gorgeous captures.

Thank you for your continuing participation in Floral Friday Fotos.