Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Product Review: Pantene

This is a product review for Pantene. I am not paid to write this. I am given their new Nature Fusion shampoo and Daily Moisture Renewal to review.

Procter & Gamble is an official sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics Games. Pantene has launched a new range of products to coincide with this. One can imagine how important it is for athletics to have a good shampoo as they train. Pantene introduced the world’s 11 most successful female athletes as new health and beauty ambassadors.This campaign “Healthy Is The New Beautiful” is a significant step.

7 years ago, I ran the Singapore Marathon, I trained every day for more than 4 months. The Singapore weather was humid and harsh. My hair grew limb, and I had to shampoo my hair every day. I know the importance of a good shampoo as I was a professor's wife. After the training in the morning, I had to look elegant and my hair looked good.

Pantene had a negative product experience. For whatever reason, hairstylists and consumers were circulating vicious nasties including this on the net. 
"Don't Use Pantene!!! my stylist told me something very bad about Pantene. She said that due to overload of detergents in the products. They start to break your hair. She told me that it is the worst over the counter, drugstore type of shampoo that you could possibly buy. Especially the new Hair Solutions/Custom Whatever collection they have. All of their products basically KILL your hair."

Pantene Senior Scientist, Lais Koelie, says that the new collections are a breakthrough for the brand and utilise advance technology. The products are designed to restore hair health and protect all hair types from the daily torture we expose our hair.

The three re-formulated collections are:
1: Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Collection.
2: Pantene Nature Fusion Collection.
3: Pantene Colour Therapy Collection.

I use Pantene, my daughter with long lush hair uses Pantene. We are not fazed by the rumours. I am not paid to write this review. I am given samples to try them.


Ginny Hartzler said...

It is interesting what the rumors said, that it will kill your hair. Did you know that hair is already dead? Hair is shed cells that are dead, and they cannot come back to life no matter what product you use. Some people think hair is a living cell, like our skin, but not so. We used to use the old Pantene because we loved the smell, but they keep changing things so much all the time.

A Life Less Complicated said...

isn't that funny - we had the same rumours circulating here around the same time. My bet is it stemmed from one of the other haircare companies. I occasionally use Pantene but I don't tend to stick to one brand of shampoo - I like to mix it up :)