• Iochroma. It's an evergreen shrub originating in South America. In NZ they don't usually bloom this late in the year except in warmer regions. 

        Plant lovers are among the nicest people on earth. I know, I grew up with my grandpa and parents with dirt under their nails. My best friends when I was in Singapore loved growing things. Now, in the cyber world, many bloggers are extremely helpful and help me ID plants and flowers that I do not know. It makes blogging a much more interesting thing to do.

        Recently, i went to a new friends house, and as I was leaving, I saw this plant hanging over the fence. I sent a photo via Facebook to Louise, She texted her neighbour, but the didn't know. By chance, I thought of our GardenNZ, and they came back very quickly. They even was going to send it out to other readers to double check.

        Ka Pai.