Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Samoa, you are 50

Manuia Le Aso Fanau or  Happy Birthday Samoa. Samoa was the first country in the region that gain her independence. Samoa actually became independent on January 1, 1962, but the event is observed on June 1 each year. I wished my Samoa students a happy 50th birthday, and shared this joke I learn from them.

What did the giant say when he ate Tonga ? I want Samoa. (Some more)
What happened to the Moa in New Zealand? The giant ate them all. ( The Moa was the biggest bird in the world and is now extinct.)

The word fales came to the forefront when the Tsunami struck Samoa last year. My students tell me that their relatives still fear for another Tsunami coming.

The Samoans are the biggest Pasifika group in Auckland. They brought their culture, games to New Zealand. Manu Samoa is a strong Rugby team.

The Samoan cricket bat is one real heavy piece of tree and the blade cross-section is roughly an equilateral triangle. The bat is much bigger and three-sided, meaning there was no telling which direction the ball would fly in when contact was made! There is no real style in Samoan cricket, be it batting stance nor batting grip. What happens is the batsman just stands in front of the stumps and when the ball is bowled, the batsman takes a wild heave (I literally mean a wild swat) and so there is no attention paid to how the bat is gripped. See ball, hit ball.

Yester-year, Sue and I were good friends, we were also neighbours in Scalan Street, Grey Lynn in late 1970s. Sue was from Samoa. She arranged for her cousin to lend me her wedding dress.

She made sponge cakes for my wedding reception. She told me that we have to be very quiet and not slam the doors, otherwise the cakes would fall flat.

I miss you, Sue. I wonder if you are still in New Zealand or are you back in Samoa.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Lots of good information here, I didn't know any of it!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Liz Cassidy awww Talofa lava lovely Ann. Thanks for the wishes, I hope you are well. Alofa atu xxxx

alovestory said...

Interesting post, Ann. Happy Independence Day to all Samoans!