Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is the season of the feijoas in New Zealand. On the outer side, it looks like the guava, but is an oval shape like an egg. If the grower fertilizes the plant, the feijoa can be 4 inches long.

You can make jam, wine and pickle. I just like it as a fresh fruit.

The feijoa tree makes a good hedge. Some people don't eat them and let them drop and rot to the ground. My friend picks them up and shares it with his friends and me. Paki Paki for not wasting.

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Dar said...

Before seeing the inside of this fruit, I thought it was an have very interesting plants, the red berries do resemble rose hips but I do not think they are. I will research my many books for you...I hate not knowing what something is.
Your family wedding cakes are wonderful. I am doing my first cake with fondant and I'm scared to death...any easy tips? The layers will be round and square. Your cakes are the loveliest I have seen. I adore both of them.
Thanks for visiting and please do come often.