Friday, May 14, 2010

Grace's cake: metallic clutch bag.

You are right to think I made a mistake. It does look like a Versace clutch bag. It's my sister Grace's creation for a lucky girl's 21st.

I have an anecdote of a metallic clutch bag. In 1990, my husband got a job lecturing in the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Before we left New Zealand, my girl friend B. said, "Ann, you will be an important wife and will be going to dinner parties, so let's go and buy you a good Oroton bag."

So off we went, I bought a silver metallic bag. In the sixteen years I was there, I have never been invited to an important dinner party, even though he became an associate professor. In reality, they didn't invite wives.

When I came back to New Zealand, I gave the bag to Deborah. Hopefully she will get to attend important dinner parties. LOL


Ana said...

wow, most impressive cake! And I hope your friend Deborah will put your silver bag to good use :)

Serline said...

Yet another cake that's so beautiful, I wouldn't bear to eat it.

Regarding the situation here: we went out this morning to the Honda showroom, as my hubby is thinking of getting a new car. Can't decide between an Accord or CRV. Went to Emporium for lunch, shopping and groceries, before heading home. But when we got back home, we could still hear firecracker-like noises in the distance, as we had since Friday evening. Reading news websites bring us more down.

Church is canceled tomorrow, as Asoke junction is blocked. Our prayers go out to all the victims, and hope that sanity and order return to this City of Angels soon.

Unknown said...

Wow, beautiful Versace clutch bag! What Patience! They look too good to be eaten. <3