Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wedding Cake that Grace made for her Sis-in-law.

My youngest sister Grace made this wedding cake for her sister-in-law KK. This is the product of great passion and talent. Grace wants me to tell you that the whole thing can be eaten, figurine, wedding veil, flowers and all.

Hello Kitty is popular over here in Singapore. She wants to show the photo of the cut up cake cos many people think that the wedding cakes here are fake. It is hard making a real cake because of the humidity in Singapore..

Grace did not go to cake making school. She acknowledges that her love and her desire to learn cake making by watching our mother and Sister Elizabeth.

Our brothers also helped with icing the cakes. Henry used to play with the food colouring, he mixed green colouring into our nestum.

When Mum made cakes during Chinese New year, she would use 100 eggs, and all our us kids had to help in beating the eggs manually with a big spiral beater with the eggs in a big bucket. We took turns, beating the ____ out of the eggs, When one child is tired, the other took over. We all helped, that training taught us perseverance and helped in our careers.

We did so much together, that is why among the siblings, now scattered in so many parts of the world, we have so much to laugh and cry as we reminisce our child hood.

This Mothers' day, we think of the new babies that make us happy, the  babies that didn't make it and made all of us cry. We think of the mums who are sick and hospitalised.

In another post, I will tell you the scenes behind making the wedding cake. You can't buy these cakes, it is the fruit of love. Grace is not a chef, Grace is a computer expert, but a stay home mum by choice.


Kaori said...

Wonderful post. Lovely how you share so many memories with each other. And the Hello Kitty cake is fantastic! :D

Serline said...

I believe you, it's a real cake... but such a pity something so beautiful had to be eaten...