Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tulip you don't normally see

I like tulips when they are in their buds. That's how posters, and photos depict tulips to be. But sadly, they expire and lose their youth and beauty.

That is why a person must not have beauty that is skin deep. I taught my students, that a person can be beautiful inside though they don't look beautiful outside. My kids assured me that I am both. LOL


玉燕 said...

Sadly, not many people care about the inner beauty nowadays.

Ah Ngao said...

yeepee ! - im ranking 5th, hahaha !
yes,this my first-time tulip .stunning color like a red ribbons.any fragrant smell?

Terry said...

i can see why you like my sonny's blog so much ann.
you both have a love of plants and flowers.
years ago when the goldens and sonny's family lived in my beloved manitoba, i babysat sonny and his brothers and sisters but betty, my older sister who was and still is a green thumb taught sonny about flowers.
manitoba has so many beautiful wild flowers and it also has huge yellow canola fields and smell nice purple flax fields and fields and fields of golden wheat!
it is sure one beautiful province.
you would love it, i am sure ann!
love terry

ps your tulip looks so sad but just think that because that flower has to fade and die..well next year there will be two that takes its place!