Saturday, December 17, 2011

Auckland Harbor Bridge- Clip-ons

I drove over our famous bridge "overseas" to North shore so my son can buy his used surf board. Right beneath this very spot, my second daughter "jumped" the bridge. I was there to see her bungy jump twice.

The bridge was originally built with four lanes for traffic. Owing to the rapid expansion of suburbs on the North Shore and increasing traffic levels it was soon necessary to increase the capacity of the bridge - by 1965, the annual use was about 10 million vehicles, three times the original forecast.[13]

In 1969, only ten years after opening, two-lane box girder clip-on sections were added to each side, doubling the number of lanes to eight. The sections were manufactured by Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries of Japan, which led to the nickname 'Nippon clip-ons'. The selection of the company was considered a bold move at the time, barely 20 years after WWII and with some considerable anti-Japanese sentiment still existing in the country.[22] The costs of the additions were noted as having been much higher than had the extra lanes been provided initially.[13]

While doubling the vehicle lanes of the bridge, the clip-ons have been plagued by significant issues. In 1987 cracks required major repair works,[23] and in 2006, further cracks and signs of material fatigue were found. The clip-ons were originally to have a life expectancy of 50 years.[citation needed] Auckland City Council's Transport Committee requested Transit New Zealand to investigate the future of the clip-on lanes as part of its 10-year plan. Transit noted in this context that the plan already includes some funding for bridge maintenance.

My cousin L is a chemical engineer, and he climbs into the brdige to check it's well being every year.

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Andy said...

Nice photo and a very interesting read about the bridge. Keep on clicking.

s.c said...

Interesting bridge.Last years we are also doubling the capacity of some bridges in the Netherlands. It is always on the sides and never as a kind of double-decker what gives a more interesting space structure and not so much ground loss. I prefer the last solution.

eileeninmd said...

WOW, your daughter did the bungy jump off this bridge. She is brave! Cool photo!

joo said...

It's really interesting bridge and lovely photo!
As for your comment - yes, I returned from the short visit in the UK two weeks ago. I love England at this time of the year, especially with all these Christmas decorations and craziness:)
Have a lovely Sunday,Ann!

Francisca said...

I hope to cross this bridge myself one day. I'll pass on the bungee jumping. :-)

Lesley said...

I never understood the allure to bungee jumping - especially from a bridge like this one!

genie said...

Clip on’s sound a bit iffy to me....guess they are strong and just fine. I think it is just the thought of it. From what you told us, this is one heavily used bridge...for cars and for fun things like bungie jumping. Now, that really dos scare me. Nice contribution this week. genie

The JR said...

No bungie jumping or surfboarding for this ol gal.

Eden said...

Great shot of the bridge. I dont think I can do what your daughter did. She is brave.