Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flowers: Lavender

I don't have lavender in my garden. The water engineer's nose is very sensitive to the perfume of flowers. When we go for long walks, I joke that by the time I had pick one tiny stalk from each house which has a bush by the road, I have enough to have a few bouquets.  But alas, the water engineer might evict me.

Guess what? I bought a Lavender pillow without telling him. I bought it more than a month ago and he has not noticed. I have not used it yet.

Lavender is known for being a powerful remedy. I will let you know if I have become a different person after sleeping on it. This is what it says, captures the aromatic wonders which allows unprecedented sleep.

A DIY show says if you put some lavender oil in your toilet cleanser, "things" will slide off the toilet.  Lavender oil (or extract of Lavender) is used to treat acne . When I made my wheat heat bags, I was told to put a few drops in the bag.


Unknown said...

Beautiful shots.

My entry.

Anonymous said...

I love lavender too.
Grow some plants in my garden.
Bees and other insects like the plants as well.

Linda said...

just marvelous.... Have a great weekend!